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SINCE 2010!

Hi! I'm Chef Fergee. Here's What I Do and How I Do It:



I believe that love of cooking should come from one's heart, consciousness and soul.

I believe that **REAL**, whole  food, NOT commercially processed "food" is the key to a body's total health and happiness.

I believe that food can heal as well as harm, so...

I believe in kicking chemicals, additives, preservatives, 

bi-product ingredients, fake sugar, fake flavorings and fake food coloring to the curb. 

I believe in the power of HOME GROWN and HOMEMADE.

I believe in creating cuisine from scratch so I know exactly what's in it.

I believe in supporting small business, local farmers and ranchers.

I believe in sourcing as many non-GMO ingredients as I can from my own farm or other local farms and ranches.

I believe that the words "delicious" and "healthy" CAN go hand in hand, and 

I believe I can prove it to you!

I believe that once you give our cookery a shot, you'll be hooked on the Culinary Criminal's crimes of foodie passion!

Culinary Criminal's Din-Din Delivery Servic​e​

We're stealing the time you'd spend slaving away in the kitchen and giving it back to your family and friends by delivering fully cooked "reheat-n-eat" suppers right to your doorstep. Just pop it into the oven for an average time of 30ish minutes and BOOM! Suppertime is on!  Service is offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Martindale, Lockhart and surrounding communities, and on Fridays in San Marcos. Check out the DIN-DIN DELIVERY tab for a sample menu, our delivery areas and how to get  FOOD SO GOOD IT SHOULD BE OUTLAWED onto your table and into your belly!


Culinary Criminal's Custom Catering

Culinary Criminal's provides catering for all events up to 100 people, customized to your particular tastes or dietary needs. We offer a variety of catering styles from a basic buffet to restaurant style table service to family-style table settings. Anything you desire can be prepared... yes, ANYTHING! 

Chef Fergee will personally consult with you so your customized menu will be the talk of the town. Check out our CUSTOM CATERING page for more information. 

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